dsc01058I’m Sara Chatfield, a Registered Dietitian with a Master in Public Health Nutrition.  I have worked as a Nutritionist with the WIC program, and as a Clinical Dietitian, providing nutritional care and counseling to patients of all ages.

As a young child I was a very picky eater who had to be bribed with gold stars to eat my vegetables!  But while growing up I did enjoy baking with my mom, and creating experimental meals with friends.  (In fact, I sometimes got in trouble in my Junior High cooking class for my “unauthorized” altering of recipes–a trick I learned from my mom!)  My love of animals, nurtured by my family, has always played a key role in my life.  During my first year of college I met a couple of students who were vegetarian; realizing I could change my eating style to reflect my love of animals and concern for the environment, I was inspired to try it myself.  A few years later I met my husband, who had become vegetarian around the same time as me.  He introduced me to Indian food (yum!) and showed me how much more interesting a vegetarian diet can be when you include a variety of ethnic foods.  Our love of animals and the natural world inspires us to share our vegetarian lifestyle with our two kids, ages eleven and seven.  Feeding two kids who are picky eaters is a challenge at times–my training in nutrition and dietetics has certainly come in handy!

I enjoy reading about the latest nutrition research–there is always more to learn–and am excited about the power of food–particularly plant food–to change our health and our lives, as well as the environment and the lives of animals.  I decided to create this blog in order to share nutrition and health news and tips, and vegetarian meal ideas.  I may also include some tips on helping the environment we all share, or the animals who share it with us.

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